Energy Saving

Energy Saving

MNOs using legacy networks can now reduce their operational costs significantly, conserving energy and saving millions of dollars each year on electricity bills.

CellMining’s Energy Saving module is simple and smart. Based on Subscriber Network Analytics technology, it delivers a safe way of reducing operating costs by selectively shutting down radio power when traffic levels are low, without risking any degradation in the subscriber experience.
Initial roll-out can start with simple and rigid rules for shutting down and powering up radio amplifiers during pre-scheduled nightly slots. Once cell analytics have been established, a more sophisticated scheme can be introduced to filter and analyze subscribers’ usage patterns. The result is a set of precise, real-time subscriber/device profiles that can help make energy saving decisions, based on network technologies, bands, carriers, and even day-time slots.

SUBSCRIBER-AWARE ENERGY SAVING dramatically increases the monetary benefit of SON

  • Integrated checks, balances and recovery capabilities
  • Turns off cells & carriers day + night
  • Looks at profiles of devices and subscribers on cell
  • Considers main roads and railroads traffic
  • Blacklists cells that impacted service quality when turned off
Energy Saving

Maximum savings, no compromise on subscriber experience