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The most accurate, production-proven and complete SON
solution for network optimization


What is unique about our SON solution?

Behavior-Based SON™

The only SON solution that optimizes mobile networks based on actual subscriber experience.


The only multi-vendor and multi-technology solution in the market


The most feature-packed and capability-rich SON solution.


The only field-proven solution, running and optimizing live mobile networks

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Advantages of Behavior-Based SON™
over traditional SON solutions:

CDR Technology

Calls with poor audio annoy your subscribers and have a negative impact on customer experience.

CellMining’s Behavior-Based SON™ Solution identifies low quality calls – those your subscribers terminated because of one-way audio, mute, digitation, fax noise, etc.

These issues go unnoticed when you only measure DCR.

Detected by CellMining’s solution: sector trending showing over 60% of calls are of low quality

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