Mobile experience on the move

We all know the feeling. You get onto a train with a two-hour journey ahead of you, settle into your seat, and get out your phone or tablet. You expect to stay connected throughout the journey to stream that TV program you’ve been meaning to watch, or browse the business magazine you haven’t had time to read in the office. Or maybe you’re in the passenger seat of your co-worker’s car on the motorway, and you need to check some facts online before you get to your meeting. Increasingly we expect to have the same seamless mobile experience when we are in a fast-moving vehicle as when we’re at home or in the office.

Sadly, the real experience often doesn’t measure up to expectations. Although mobile network operators have generally arranged for their base stations to be well distributed along the length of major highways and train lines, the need for handover at high speed combined with the fluctuations in demand mean that downloading can be patchy, and dropped connections are a frequent occurrence. In fact, with all the negative factors that can impact on data sessions at high speed and the challenges that need to be overcome, sessions that run smoothly and don’t disconnect can be considered a minor technology miracle. Read more here


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