Mobile IS Everything!

‘Mobile is everything’—there’s a good reason this was the strapline for the largest mobile event in the world.

Almost without us noticing it, mobile has become the most important thing in many people’s lives. We have started taking these indispensable devices wherever we go, even to the bathroom. Our lives revolve around the mobile—and sometimes depend on it—and it’s hard to imagine how we ever lived without it. Even something as simple as remembering the phone number of a close friend has become impossible without our electronic helper.

The services we receive through our mobile network operator already impact our daily routine, fulfilling our general information needs on demand and setting the pace of our most basic tasks. Whether we realize it or not, mobile operators are now responsible for the quality of many aspects of our normal lives. There is no doubt that the pressure on them to deliver the best-optimized network and superior customer experience has become immense.

Our world is rapidly changing in terms of dealing with high volumes of voice and data, and in the ways that data is being used. For example in emergency situations, such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks, maintaining communications requires network resilience and swift and accurate load balancing. Even Facebook’s “I’m Safe” feature requires connectivity, and only adds to the network pressure in times of crisis. The operators must be able to handle such scenarios instantly, and continue to deliver an uninterrupted service to its subscribers.

At times like this, SON (Self-Organizing Networks) technology becomes an even more crucial element in the operator’s mission to deliver a truly excellent mobile service, and may even help to save lives. Identifying network crises in real time, load balancing between neighboring cells and swift network optimization makes a big difference to us as subscribers, in normal everyday life as well as in times of crisis.

Leading mobile operators are continually seeking new tools to establish their leadership in the market, and to enable them to introduce new mobile services. If mobile is destined to rule our world, it needs to be smarter than us, extremely secure, and totally flawless. It should work with virtually zero errors and malfunctions, and be always available. Whoever achieves this goal will—almost literally—be in control of our lives.


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