Business Account Quality Monitoring

Business Account Quality Monitoring

CellMining’s Subscriber Network Analytics technology analyzes the KQIs of all the operator’s subscribers, across all of their markets. Based on enterprise reference data, the Business Account Quality product focuses on subscribers who share the same corporate affiliation, and computes aggregated and/or average KQI data for that particular group. This rich information is displayed in different tabs, showing all aspects of voice and data service experienced by the group, and correlates the account subscribers with the relevant cells, network technologies, services and handsets.

A typical example of this correlation is the ability to identify the location of the cells that are most influential for this group, and their impact on the quality of experience within the account. Another example is the ability to pinpoint specific individuals in the account who may be experiencing an inferior quality of experience, and to show when and where this occurs, as well as which particular services are being impacted.

Why is it unique?

• A valuable practical application of CellMining’s individual KQIs, calculated and assigned to a specific subscriber group

• Proactive, 24/7 monitoring of SLA agreements rather than escalation-based troubleshooting

• Superior accuracy compared with signaling-based quality monitoring systems

• Maps prevalence of device types across the group, and correlates them with network quality issues

What are the benefits?

• Operators ensure a superior QoE for their important corporate accounts

• Operators can assign priorities to network maintenance activities based on quality and NPS ranking

• Operators can counter complaints by spotlighting the experience of individual subscribers whose problems may obscure the true quality picture of the account

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