Connected Journey Experience

Connected Journey Experience

CellMining’s Subscriber Network Analytics uses Call Detail Records (CDR) to analyze the individual experience of each subscriber, and to build profiles of subscriber activity. The Connected Journey Experience product incorporates a unique algorithm that maps experience data points against an accurate travel route, which is applicable both to major roads and to the rail network. This accurate positioning data makes it possible to identify not only the individual road segment, but also the direction of travel. For example city-bound traffic during the morning rush hour may have a very different mobile experience to that of traffic heading out of the city.

Highway Voice and Data Experience for Mobile Subscribers

This allows a profile to be created that correlates the voice and data quality of experience for each subscriber against when and where they are traveling. Optionally, the use of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) data can also identify service level quality for individual applications—video or audio streaming, file sharing etc.

The product aggregates the experiences of all these different subscribers and applies a proprietary algorithm to formulate a quality score for each road segment. This is then visually represented on a map, using a color code to identify different levels of quality score. The data is also provided in a structured way for integration into existing customer and big data environments, and can even be used in conjunction with SON engines to automate network performance improvement along the travel routes.

Why is it unique?

• The ability to discriminate between stationary and moving subscribers

• Accurate geolocation of communication events without the need for GPS to be activated on mobile devices

• The product does not require probes or traces, nor the use of an application on the mobile device

• The only solution to assign KQIs per road segment, due to the ability to access the subscribers’ QoE KQIs

What are the benefits?

• Enables network operators to ensure a superior QoE for their subscribers on the move

• Provides a source of valuable data for both operators and car manufacturers involved in the rapidly-growing Connected Car market

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