Handset Analytics

Handset Analytics

Conventionally mobile network operation and quality teams focus mainly on cell and radio data, meaning that mapping quality issues to user equipment (UE) – handsets, modems and other types of mobile terminal device – has always been a challenging task for mobile operators.
CellMining’s Subscriber Network Analytics technology draws on fundamental customer experience data sources that incorporate the attributes of the user’s mobile device. The Handset Analytics product uses advanced big data analytics to correlate the UE with the relevant subscribers, cells and services. It uncovers a range of valuable insights for the network and marketing teams, for example by ranking device types in relation to various key quality indicators (KQI) determined from analyzing the subscriber base. Thus CX teams are able to review the impact of common mobile devices on the experience of subscribers in different business segments.

Why is it unique?

• Correlates the device model with specific subscriber profiles, cells and services
• Ranks handset types according to a range of key quality indicators
• Flags business accounts, roaming partners and any other subscriber affiliations that have dominant devices affecting QoE

What are the benefits?

• Supports operators in executing the introduction of handset models to the market more smoothly
• Benchmarks the quality of the operator’s white-label (customized) phones against manufacturers’ proprietary models
• Identifies network-handset incompatibilities affecting QoE for international inbound roamers
• Supports IoT business models, where quality of communication must be monitored and guaranteed through SLA agreements

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