Inbound Roaming

Inbound Roaming

Although recent regulations have reduced the cost of roaming for European subscribers within Europe, inbound voice and data roaming by international travelers remains an appreciable source of income for operators all over the world. Mobile operators are therefore prioritizing the quality of experience for international roamers in order to preserve and grow the levels of roamer traffic on their network.

The number of connections and device types are constantly growing, while travel patterns and data consumption habits are also evolving. With competition for voice traffic from OTT applications and from WiFi for data, the network’s wholesale business model for voice and data roaming rests entirely on the quality of experience for overseas visitors.

CellMining’s Inbound Roaming product analyzes KQIs for inbound roamers and provides rich insights that allow the operator to pinpoint where the voice and data experiences of international roamers are being adversely affected. This is then correlated with cell performance, highlighting both radio issues that may be unknown to RAN engineering and device incompatibilities that need to be resolved with the handset manufacturers.

The product provides a range of actionable reports, including tracking entry and exit points to identify roamers who have switched to other networks and thus represent a loss in roaming revenue.

Why is it unique?

• Extracts subscriber attributes from CDRs, to discriminate roaming quality issues from those in general

• Detection of network quality issues introduced by foreign handsets

• Discrimination between incoming and outgoing calls for roamers, allowing misconfigured settings between the operator and international carriers to be resolved

What are the benefits?

• Preserves quality and availability for foreign subscribers on the operator network, utilizing otherwise unused capacity

• Business-driven network maintenance: prioritizes tasks to preserve wholesale roaming revenues

• Quality reports can be shared with the operator’s roaming partners

• Focused optimization actions in support of particular international events (sports matches, festivals, etc)

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