VIP Quality Monitoring

VIP Quality Monitoring

Based on enterprise reference data, CellMining’s Subscriber Network Analytics technology calculates and analyzes the KQIs of all the operator’s subscribers, across all of their markets. The VIP Quality Monitoring product displays the KQIs across multiple dimensions of the user experience: the cells that are affecting the subscriber most, the services being used, and the relevant technologies. At a dashboard level, it benchmarks the individual against other subscribers who have a similar location, devices etc., and pinpoints any potential problems. For example, after comparing similar devices in same area, and ruling out poor 3G/4G coverage, the product can determine whether the user’s handset is locked onto GSM.

Why is it unique?

• The only proactive system that correlates subscriber issues 24/7 with cells, technologies, services, and devices
– Competing solutions require the deployment of massive amounts of probes and traces, collecting unmanageable amounts of data that is largely redundant

• Rapid network quality summaries and detailed display screens reduce call center handling time, reducing costs while enhancing experience and customer satisfaction

What are the benefits?

• Retention of lucrative and high-visibility customers

• Dramatically reduced total cost of ownership, in comparison to traditional quality monitoring tools

• Customer care cost reduction

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