Virtual Network NPS

Virtual Network NPS

Virtual Network NPS is a technology-driven technique for predicting detractors within the subscriber base without an NPS survey. Traditional survey responses can easily be influenced by subjective factors such as call center responsiveness or one-off events, which are far less consistent than any longer-term negative experiences with the network. Real pain points like low quality VoLTE calls, slow video streaming, or frequent dropped connections when travelling, may not show up on conventional CEM systems.

Virtual Network NPS technology correlates explicit subscribers’ responses to existing satisfaction surveys with key quality indicators (KQI) observed and analyzed by CellMining’s Subscriber Network Analytics.

By enriching the correlation with individual subscriber attributes it establishes a detractor prediction model,  developed to match the specific operator environment.

The model is then applied to the entire customer base to predict, with a high level of accuracy, which subscribers  are likely to be dissatisfied with the network to the point that they may be categorized as detractors. The
methodology behind Virtual Network NPS further establishes repeated model training and gradually increasing  accuracy. This builds a continually-evolving NPS picture across the full mobile customer base.

Why is it unique?

• Virtual Network NPS is the only product to assign KQIs per subscriber, with the only technology that can match this data with explicit customer feedback

• Mathematical models (IP) establish the correlation and the accuracy of detractor prediction

• NPS metrics are provided for every relevant attribute—cells, devices, services, regions and even enterprise accounts

What are the benefits?

To marketing teams

• The ability to identify detractors and apply retention campaigns

• The ability to identify and nurture promoters

To business sector/corporate sales

• The ability to rank and proactively prioritize actions for enterprises at risk

To network teams

• Deep insights to help automate changes, optimize performance and make better investment decisions

• The necessary data to prioritize and even invest in the network based on NPS metrics

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