What is Subscriber Network Analytics Technology?

Subscriber Network Analytics Technology gives the operator the power to analyze the subscriber network experience in a unique way. It uses CDRs (Call Detail Records) as the main input for data analysis, cross-referenced with network counters, KPIs, GIS, network configuration and RF policy rules. It detects patterns of subscriber behavior and usage, service interruptions and poor communication quality – no other SON solution or network performance system today has the ability to do this. This analytics technology provides mobile network operators and MNVOs with valuable insights into their subscribers’ experience, and ensures superior quality of service across multiple technologies.

Subscriber Network Analytics Technology
CDR data analysis that detects usage patterns and reconstructs call and data flows

Patented analytics techniques reconstruct call and data session flows for the entire subscriber base.
When corroborated with network data the usage patterns that are identified, create two profile types:
– Network profiles for pinpointing performance issues and flagging improvement opportunities
– Subscriber profiles that enrich CEM systems and applications
The data in the network profiles feeds back to the network through OSS interfaces, delivering both SON closed-loop actions and open-loop recommendations. This ensures that the network is continuously optimized based on subscribers’ dynamic needs and experiences.
The subscriber profiles contain vast amounts of individual and group level information – handsets, roads, locations, roamers, and more. All of this is available in powerful dashboard formats, and can also be used to inform external applications.

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