White Papers

White Papers

How can MNOs automatically predict and prevent churn?


Customer Experience Management (CEM) has become a must-have for MNOs and MVNOs, assessing customer satisfaction by calculating the Net Promoter Score (NPS) from customer survey responses. This white paper proposes a new approach, using key quality indicators that characterize the real-life subscriber experience on the network, cross-correlated with NPS, driving automated prediction of churn and promising to convert Detractors into Promoters. Read the White Paper

VoLTE Call Quality – What you Need to Know

VoLTE offers the promise of crystal-clear voice calls, giving the subscriber a richer overall experience, while operators benefit from much greater spectral efficiency and capacity compared with conventional circuit-switched calls over legacy 2G and 3G networks. But with almost 90% of LTE networks yet to launch their VoLTE services, how can MNOs ensure that they fulfil this promise? Read the White Paper